Jun 6: The Unknown

Things like crop circles and ghosts are classified as the unknown. I personally do not believe in ghosts, i think that your mind sees what you want it to. Therefore you want to see a ghost, you see a ghost. I do in fact believe that aliens are among us. The only reason i believe in aliens is because the crop circles that are left behind, the grain is chemically changed. The way that I decide if things are real or not is logic and science. I do believe that ghost have no logic and they really have no scientific proof besides i bunch of people saying that they have seen ghosts ,but i do not believe then it a crook. Most things that “ghosts” do like flicker lights can be explained. I am not saying that i am 100% sure that ghosts done excist ,but i am pretty sure. In the fact of the aliens and crop circles that has science and logic to it. It is being study that mars had water on it which would mean that it could inhabit life. Another raisen that i do believe that we are not alone in the universe is because no average joe can go out and flatten a crop in such patterens and chemically change the plants.

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April 7: Reflective summary of your thoughts after this unit regarding Equality. What is your definition of equality? Has it changed with you discussions?

My definition of Equality would have to be: Everyone no matter race, abilities or religious background the same and treated the same. In this unit i have learned that equality for all is not going to happen. people maybe equal in fact, but in some peoples minds people with different abilities, race and religion as them well be unequal to them. Do I think this is right? no I don’t, but really what can you do? think about that. We can’t make all people thing the same way. Well maybe we could with mind control, but that is insane.

The thing with equality is it well always be here, but it well not be acknowledged by certain people. We are all equal no matter what someone says . All that really matters is that we are all equal is the eyes of god. And as long as you believe that you well be equal to all.

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Mar 31: Themes of the novel Of mice and men- related literature pieces/songs/movies with similar themes (compare them)

I do believe that it is common knowledge(at lest in are class) that there are many themes in the novel Of mice and men. Some of these many themes are isolation, friendship, inequality, power and dreams. one show that i used to watch that shows friendship and it sort of remembers me of George and Lennie is Pinky and the Brain. The reason that it reminds me of George and Lennie is because of the two mice in the show one is small and smart and the other is big and slower. For a video of Pinky and the Brain Click here

In the story Crooks was isolated from the rest of the workers and i started to drive him crazy from loneliness. This reminds me of the movie I am Legend where there is only one man with no one to talk to and it drives him crazy from the loneliness this movie also reminds me of Candy’s situation about killing his dog because the man in the movie had to kill him dog too. To see the trailer of I am legand

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Mar 17: justice and fairness in your novel study- what was considered “just” in the past?

Many things in the past were considered “just” or all right that are illegal or very inappropriate in today’s society. For example the way that crooks was treated in the book, the ranch hands would call him names like nigger with out having any regard for his feelings, it was just the way society was back then, but in today’s society it is totally inappropriate and wrong to call a person a racist name.

When George killed Lennie there was not murder investigation or a punishment for George. It was accepted that because Lennie killed Curley’s wife that it would not matter if he was killed too. It is like they had not remorse.

Mental capacity was not a issue back then it was just thought that people were just slower than others but today we class the disabilited  people as not equals to us because they may think slower, not be able  to do some  task that the rest of us can do.

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Mar 10: Fairness and justice in society- does it depend on the culture?

Justice and fairness are a building block of society today. With out them the society of the world would be a lot different from what it is now. I think that all cultures have their own belief of what is fair and what justice is. It some cultures you are treated unfairly if you are different or have a disability.  I do think that everyone in the world should have the thoughts of what is fair and what is justified. i think that in Canada we have a less strict justice system then so middle eastern countries were you are hanged for something that you would receive  two years in prison here in Canada and to me that is not fair and this is were the UN should do more to get the world on the same page with what is fair and what is justified.

The thing with trying to change things to be the same as everyone else is that some cultures have religions beliefs, beliefs and value.It is also hard to change something that has been around for a while. This can also contradict it self because it is fair to a culture to allow them to have their own beliefs and values and practice  them if they please. So we must except that justice and fairness varies from culture to culture and we must except this because it is fair to the other cultures. Even though it is fair to the cultures to allow them to have their own ways i believe that it would be a fairer world if everyone had the same thoughts of what is fair and justified.

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mar 3: Judging other and misjudgeing them-are we all guitly?

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/aa_vJ_ICJXE" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]When it comes to judging and misjudging other humans everyone no matter who you are you are guilty for it. In one way or another we all have judged people by their looks and actions. People look at someone and we judge them automatically it is human nature and it is iravesable. If a child gets in trouble people judge the parent for being a bad parent but they could be the best parent in the world. We even judge people by their race or religions backgroung because they are different from us. I believe that we should have to have infomation about a person before you can judge them because your misjudgement can affect their live in large ways.

I do believe that we should think before we judge but as i said before it is human nature to judge, it well never stop their well always be someone that well judge others for being different from them. i think that most well say that this is wrong and turn around and judge a person, so we are just spinning are tires, But want can you do we can’t change people or their nature all we can do is not judge people and hope people follow.   

Febarury 2: Research background to your narrative perspective or review narratives related.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/AlLxY77rWhg" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]I wrote my narrative about the children in Africa and all the things that they face. I wrote it about the children in Africa because they are suffering more than most people in the world today. The children of Africa have a little nourishment and get lots of diseases and for this several thing they loss their lives very frequently. Right now in Africa the children don’t have to just worry about starving and disease,but also getting involved in the civil war going on right now. The children are being recruited to be part of the rebel army to be child soldiers.

I find this to the fact that the people in power are having kids fight their wars for them is sickening and i believe that the country of Africa are all ready losing children at a alarming rate. I also found that their are lots of organizations that are working to help the kids of this struggling country to help give them food, medicine and even schooling so they can better their future. Even though all of these organization help a lot of people a end of the struggling kids of Africa is still out of sight of the most part. I believe that it is our responsibility to help these organization even if it is only a little to better are world society.   

Februrary 11: Reflecting on Essay topic

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/y2dvEQkAZa4" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]I wrote on Genocide of Rwanda for my essay I found it a great topic to write about because it has lots of information on the topic and it is a very interesting topic also. I was intrigued by it because it shows what people do to each other for something like power. I was not aware that people could be so enthused in gaining power that they would do any thing to get it even kill someone of the same background or someone that they have lived beside for many years in this case. What really got me confused was that people were called a certain name because of economic status and that is just wrong.  

I found that there are more affect to the genocide than the deaths of many people it put the area back in everything they were involved in (agriculture, mining resources, ect). I look at all the effects of the genocide and wonder if it was worth it for power of something that was pretty much wasted area. I find it to be a disappointment that the people of Rwanda well probably never regain the time lost during the genocide.  

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February 4:Rights and responsibilities of canadians and the societys of the world

I as a citizen of society believe that with every right that we receive we must have a responsibility. I think if you get the right to a education it’s your responsibility to attend school. Many people do not think the same as me and do not follow through with their responsibilities of the rights they receive. Some believe that have to have to have rights, but the truth of the matter is that we don’t. For example we don’t have to get the right of freedom of speech but we get it because we are suppose to follow through with the responsibility that comes with the right to free speech. I truly believe that people take advantage of the right that they receive and to me that is not right. Some Countries don’t give their people rights and that bugs me I think that if you are a human being you deserve to get rights. I also believe that the governments of these countries have a responsibility to its people to give them rights. The people in these countries are usually poor and if they don’t have money they should at least get the rights needed to help to survive. I do realize that some governments don’t have the economics to provide there people with rights, but to just not give them right is just bad.   

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January 28: Racial tension and my thoughts

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/yroNf8onmc8" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]I believe that racial tension is a big thing is society today. You see cases of it everyday and it goes back many years. It is like an epidemic it grows and gets pasted on thought the generation. I believe that we fell threaded by other races and discrimination towards them is our way of destroying them. I think that if we just all saw grey we would live in a racist free world but sadly we see color and judge by that. I also believe that people should accept people for their color because all that makes you a different color is the amount of pigment in your skin. I don’t think that you can go anywhere in the world and not have racial tension it is natural to have tension between race and their well always be that tension no matter what happens in the world. I believe that racial tension should be no more, but I won’t happen. In the past centuries racial tension has reached new heights when wars and genocides started because of racial tension. If it were up to me there would not be racial tension in the world. I feel that most people would feel the same way as I do, but there would also be people that disagree with me. I also believe that we should have punishment for acts of racism because people don’t deserve that kind of treatment. It is something that we well just have to live through because there is not sign of slowing down and if anything it is going to grow. I think that we are just to cruel to a fellow man and we just don’t know any other way of live.